Happy Mothers Day from Bread Winners


So it’s May….and along with the spring flowers, changing weather, new summer salads at all of our restaurants and summertime on the horizon, this month we celebrate Mothers. News Flash….we ALL have one! Not one of us was brought into this world without a mother. Whether you are blessed to still have your mother in your life or whether she has left this Earth and is not physically with you any longer, we all have a mother. She may not be the woman who gave birth to you but has she raised you as her own, or perhaps it is someone related or unrelated to you that has filled those shoes for you. Some of us are even fortunate enough to have more than one mother figure in our life. At Bread Winners we have over 100 mothers employed within our restaurant family. In our most recent discussions about Mother’s Day, one topic came up and seemed to be worth further discussion. It seemed to us that there were more and more Mommy Blogs showing up on the interwebs every day. Some are quite hilarious like Insane in the Mom Brain, Scary Mommy, RachRiot and Moms Who Drink and Swear. Some are more practical and educating in their posts like Thrifty Nifty Mommy, I Am Not The Babysitter and Jolly Mom. But have you ever thought to ask yourself why? Why do women, mothers in particular, feel compelled to share the most hilarious, heart-wrenching, loving and intimate material on a daily basis to complete strangers? There had to be a name for this phenomenon….


We settled on a term we humorously coined “Momscription” for those of us needing a dose of “professional help”. We use the word “help” loosely, what we really mean is we need to feel as if we are not alone and that there are others going through the exact same things we are but may be too scared to admit or embarrassed to share or in some cases they are going through things I hope I never have to go through. We need a second to belly laugh so hard tears roll down our cheeks or a second to feel thankful and blessed for this road we have chosen when our convictions are being tested. For those moms doing the blogging it’s just as therapeutic and cathartic to share the humor and sometimes unbelievable stories. So it’s a win-win for everyone! As moms, who work full time in the restaurant business most of us tend to gravitate to the more humorous blogs to help us just get through the day. We attempt to find the funny in our day as mothers and restaurant people. Our industry is so stressful, that any laugh is truly medicinal. Whether you are a mom that works inside or outside of the home, there are simply moments in life that only another mom could relate to. In our research about this mom blog phenomenon, we stumbled across a book that left us in stitches and served as an amazing, validating stress-relieving tool!


I Just Want to Pee Alone is the New York Times Bestselling collection of over 30 essays from mom bloggers about how to find the funny in motherhood. Motherhood is the toughest – and funniest – job you’ll ever love. Raising kids is hard work. If you are a full time mom in the home, the pay sucks, your boss is a tyrant J, and the working conditions are pitiful – you can’t even take a bathroom break without being interrupted with another outrageous demand! And if you work outside the home and come home to your second job you get it too! Hasn’t every mother said it before? “I just want to pee alone!”  So this Mother’s Day, if you are a mom, do yourself a favor and find the funny in what you do. Look for the blessings motherhood has given you and when you find the challenges, look for the humor that it’s wrapped in. And those of us who have moms, that means all of us….Today, let’s let her pee alone, thank her for putting up with our crazy and for always being there for us and treat her to a day of rest, a delicious brunch or dinner and an adult beverage or 2, after all we are the reason she drinks J!


Authored By:
Cindy Hughes, Owner BW/HM/QB – Pictured with Audry and Quinn. Not Pictured are Cindy’s sons, Spencer and Andrew
Kendra Shier, VP of Operations BW/HM/QB – Seen in top photo with Madison, Ian and Kennedy