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DMN Pie Article

Ellise Pierce opines in today’s Dallas Morning News Arts & Life section,

“Homemade pies are delicious things to behold. Whether made with Crisco, as my mother still does, or with butter, as I do, a pie crust speaks of the care and Zen-like concentration of its maker, for it can be no other way. In their imperfection, and often cooked to the point of fruity insides bubbling up and over a hand-pinched crust, pies are the perfect expressions of the present moment.

Peaches. Blueberries. Blackberries. Strawberries. All here now, all ready to be tossed into a pie.
Why stop at one, when two fruits or berries — or even three — make a pie that much better?

We asked Dallas-area pie makers to give us their best pie recipes that double, and in some cases, triple the fruity-berry fun. My pie bowl’s ready.”

Bread Winners was happy to feature a Three Berry Pie for inclusion in this article. And even though this is not a pie we feature in the bakery (recipe is provided for your at-home baking pleasure) we do offer many delicious fruit pies for your dining pleasure.

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