Five Fabulous Toddler-Friendly Breakfast Spots

Kids Northpark

Dallas Moms Blog wrote, “Pre-baby, my husband and I were always out enjoying a delicious, long-lasting weekend brunch. Once our bundle of joy arrived, our outings morphed into a quick breakfast. Now that our “baby” is a wild and crazy toddler, our breakfasts are more of a tag-team, relay race kind of an experience.

Let me paint you a picture:
-Get to restaurant and ask for highchair (knowing good and well he won’t sit in it.)
-Order drinks, meal, and the check all in one breath.
-Take turns entertaining toddler while downing coffee and food as fast as humanly possible.
-Leave big tip as an “apology” for bringing toddler in public.”

1. Bread Winners (NorthPark Center)
~ Wow! This Bread Winners is fantastic. First of all, this place is brand new and really nice to look at! When we went, we were lucky enough to get a booth by a window overlooking the GORGEOUS courtyard outside. This courtyard can be a lifesaver if your little one is not into sitting still. We love that one parent can take the kiddo to play outside while the other can sip on delicious coffee. The food is legit too. We love their tacos, Benedicts and scrambles.

Hint: Even if you are here for breakfast, get some cake to go. My current pregnancy craving is the Strawberries and Cream cake. You will thank me later.

To read their other choices for family-friendly dining, visit

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